7 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

  1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT- Determine in as much detail as you can what you want to have done and what you can afford.

  2. WRITE IT DOWN- Prepare a written bid sheet for the contractors to refer to when they arrive.  Include clear start and completion dates.

  3. SOLICIT BIDS- Obtain the names of at least three contractors who do the type of work you’re interested in having done and schedule a time to meet with them.

  4. GET VERIFICATION- Find out who the contractor is, how long they have been in business and that all his business papers are in order.

  5. TALK WITH OTHERS- Check references.  Ask about the contractor’s quality, professionalism and timeliness.  Arrange to see some past work if you can.

  6. COMPARE THE BIDS- When all bids have come in, compare for price, completeness and duration/coverage of warranty.

  7. SELECT THE CONTRACTOR- Make a selection based on compatibility, competence and price; and make sure you and your contractor are a good team!

    Provided as a courtesy by Blue Spruce Building Materials company