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Business Hours


Winter hours are in effect:

Monday-Friday 8-4 pm

Saturdays        9-noon

Closed Sundays

Contact Us

Blue Spruce Building Materials


310 Bluff Street

Lake City, CO 81235


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LC Contractors


7 Tips for Hiring a Contractor 

  1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT Determine in as much detail as you can what you want to have done and what you can afford.
  2. WRITE IT DOWN Prepare a written bid sheet for the contractors to refer to when they arrive.  Include clear start and completion dates.
  3. SOLICIT BIDS Obtain the names of at least three contractors who do the type of work you’re interested in having done and schedule a time to meet with them.
  4. GET VERIFICATIONS Find out who the contractor is, how long they have been in business and that all his business papers are in order.
  5. TALK WITH OTHERS Check references.  Ask about the contractor’s quality, professionalism and timeliness.  Arrange to see some past work if you can.
  6. COMPARE THE BIDS When all bids have come in, compare for price, completeness and duration/coverage of warranty.
  7. SELECT THE CONTRACTOR Make a selection based on compatibility, competence and price; and make sure you and your contractor are a good team!

Provided as a courtesy by Blue Spruce Building Materials, Inc.

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